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Within the pages of the Torah, the Almighty embedded a detailed guide for a life of spirituality, closeness to the Divine, personal instruction for proper conduct and His undying commitment to each detail of His creation.

Like a well of life-giving water, the wisdom of the Torah, and the words of our sages sustain us to this very day.

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Kotel Prayers
Prayers in the Western Wall
Jerusalem, Israel
Garments of the Soul Holy Tablets

Israel 3000
Red Canyon
Israel 3000
Solomon's Stables
Finger Is Hurt
(Baby Fingers-Hebrew)
Finger Is Hurt
(Hand In Water-English)

Modeh Ani
"I Give Thanks Before You"
The Lord Has Given

Devorah Designs Judaica Art inspires, heals, and imparts the wisdom of the ages. These creations make the perfect budget-friendly gift for Hanukah or any holiday, a birthday, a bar or bat mitzvah, an anniversary, wedding, or a new baby. Devorah combines her photography - usually from Israel - with meaningful blessings (brachot), prayers (tefillot), and quotes from the Bible (Torah/Tanach), Psalms (Tehillim), Perek Shira (the Songs or Praises of the Animals), and other Jewish sources. Devorah Designs artwork can have healing and therapeutic effects or help you create a happy space in your home. Devorah's unique Name Art brings layers of meaning to Jewish names, Christian names, and pet names, promoting self-understanding and healthy family dynamics.

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