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The Land of Israel is one of the three foundation pillars of Jewish existence: The nation of Israel in the Land of Israel according to the Torah of Israel.

Anywhere in the world, Jews face the direction of Israel in prayer, in supplication to the Almighty to restore these three aspects of the nation. It is such a central value that there are said to be seventy names for the land, each encompassing a facet of that value. Some of those names are commonly used: Israel, the Promised Land, Zion, the Holy Land, and simply the Land.

All of the tribes except the Levites were granted a portion of the Land of Israel. The Levites were given cities throughout the regions of the other tribes, and when not in service at the Holy Temple, they served as the teachers for the entire nation in order to help preserve the holiness of the land according to the commandments of the Torah.

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Judean Desert Road Land of Israel Old City Jerusalem
Israel 3000
Red Canyon

Israel 3000
Solomon's Stables
Our Life Is A Dance
Lag B'Omer
Kotel Prayers
Prayers in the Western Wall
Jerusalem, Israel
Azazel (Yom Kippur)

Devorah Designs Judaica Art inspires, heals, and imparts the wisdom of the ages. These creations make the perfect budget-friendly gift for Hanukah or any holiday, a birthday, a bar or bat mitzvah, an anniversary, wedding, or a new baby. Devorah combines her photography - usually from Israel - with meaningful blessings (brachot), prayers (tefillot), and quotes from the Bible (Torah/Tanach), Psalms (Tehillim), Perek Shira (the Songs or Praises of the Animals), and other Jewish sources. Devorah Designs artwork can have healing and therapeutic effects or help you create a happy space in your home. Devorah's unique Name Art brings layers of meaning to Jewish names, Christian names, and pet names, promoting self-understanding and healthy family dynamics.

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