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  Hannukah 2009
Father reads Hannukah blessings
As we continue to celebrate the Grand-Opening of Devorah Designs Judaica Art, we are giving you a gift of the “Blessing of the Hanukah Lights” -- to use in time for the holiday!

This is a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD and available through Dec 20th to those who subscribe to our free newsletter. The "Blessing of the Hannukah Lights" is an $18 value.

Print off several copies and frame or laminate them for gifts to your friends and family. All the blessings for lighting your Hanukiah are there for your easy reference!

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The actual artwork is 8"x10". For the best quality print, we recommend that you use the best photo paper that you have on your best color inkjet printer. Available through Dec 20th.

You can frame it, put it in a large acrylic table top holder, or laminate (easily cleaned from oil spills or candle wax).

Blessing of the Hanukah Lights
- Had'lakat Nerot Hanukah

Kindling the Hanukah candles/lights is an especially joyous holiday in the life of a Jewish family. In Ashkenazi families every member of the household has an individual menorah, called a "Hanukiah", while in Sephardic families only the head of the household lights candles or olive oil for the home.

It is always a moment of song and happiness, recalling the miracles of the Maccabees, and the many other times in Jewish history when the hand of God prevailed over seemingly impossible odds. Some families also have the custom of ceasing all household chores for the duration of the candles' flames, so that the parents and children have extra time to spend with one another, adding to the closeness of this special family time.

There are two blessings recited on each of the eight nights of Hanukah, and a third blessing is recited on the first night only. Following the blessings, a short paragraph is recited or sung, to remind us that these candles have but one purpose - to publicize the miracles of Hanukah - and they may not be used for anything else.

You can frame it, put it in a large acrylic table top holder, or laminate (easily cleaned from oil spills or candle wax).
Free Hanukah 2009 Blessing Print

Son reads the Hannukah Blessing

Son lights the Hanukah candles

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Devorah Designs Judaica Art inspires, heals, and imparts the wisdom of the ages. These creations make the perfect budget-friendly gift for Hanukah or any holiday, a birthday, a bar or bat mitzvah, an anniversary, wedding, or a new baby. Devorah combines her photography - usually from Israel - with meaningful blessings (brachot), prayers (tefillot), and quotes from the Bible (Torah/Tanach), Psalms (Tehillim), Perek Shira (the Songs or Praises of the Animals), and other Jewish sources. Devorah Designs artwork can have healing and therapeutic effects or help you create a happy space in your home. Devorah's unique Name Art brings layers of meaning to Jewish names, Christian names, and pet names, promoting self-understanding and healthy family dynamics.

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